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Deep Eddy “Coloradical” Drink

Huge thanks to Deep Eddy Vodka for sponsoring our COLORADICAL CD RELEASE PARTY! But extra thanks for creating a cool special drink for the night called the “Coloradical!”

HUGE Night on Twitter – Trending in FOUR Places!

Ain’t gonna lie. Our peeps went crazy on Twitter last Saturday night. Crazy AWESOME! We ran our Twitter board at the show and people where chatting up a storm – making us trend in Denver on four different topics and dominating the #Coloradical hashtag. We can’t thank you enough! YOU ARE RAD!

We were Birdbox’s 2nd major event!

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Birdbox is new and COLORADICAL! They collect photos form all over the Net for you based on your tags. We got #Coloradical all wrapped up from Saturday night’s CD Release Party!  

We are RVRB’s ‘Steal This Track’!

Thanks to REVERB from the Denver Post for featuring us this week at their track to steal. “Do You Want It?” is available right now over there for FREE! We also love what they had to say… “With a sound as poppy as it is funky, with horn hits and tinkling pianos, the band fully utilizes all eight members. Bop Skizzum is set to release its first LP, “Coloradical,” an album funded by a Kickstarter campaign, on Saturday at Gothic Theatre. Steal “Do You Want It?” right now. You know you want it.”  

Andy Rok is
Teaching Again!

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Andy (and many other members of Bop, especially Serafin) have always had roots in teaching – but this semester Andy Rok is doing a special class at the University of Colorado Denver for pop rock ensemble. There is a whole lot of Prince going on!


We have the name for our new album – Coloradical! This represents our love for the 303, color, music, having fun and being a band together. The album is full of all that. We are proud of how diverse Coloradical will be, emotionally and musically! Props to Greeblemonkey for the album cover design.

Gimme The Gig -
the show aired on
KTLA in Cali

We were thrilled to take part in Ford’s Gimme The Gig II – and even more thrilled when all that work came to fruition with the amazing show that aired on KTLA last week. As you know the amazing Rachel and the Kings won the competition and as you will see in the video – the new group that includes our friends Stefan Runstrom and Joey Barba from Tickle Me Pink are, well, amazing. We were so proud to represent Colorado with them and the super cool Josh Blackburn. It was also incredible to hang out with Mad Mike from Pimp My Ride and to perform for Don Was – wait, WHAT? Yes. THAT Don Was. Check out the video and see how cool it was for yourself.

Kickstarter Funded!

THANK YOU to all the people who supported us on this quest! We feel so privileged to have you behind us as we head into the studio. This summer will be AWESOME!

Banksy for Queen’s Jubilee

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We love Banksy and we love this street graffiti that popped up in London for the Queen’s Jubilee!   Foun                   Found via our Pinterest.


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