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  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW BY CLICKING THE BANNER ABOVE! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO WRAP UP FROM LAST YEAR!   BOP SKIZZUM’S LAST SHOW EVER!!!!! How do you say goodbye to the best fans that you could have ever hoped for? How do you say goodbye to your friends, people you’ve been making music with for years, in a way that honors all the time and energy they’ve given you? Well… You throw one last big fucking gigantic going away party. That’s how. … and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re gonna go out doing what we do best, bringing the party to music lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes. We’re going out with a bang, and we want EVERYONE to come out and have as much fun as possible. Of course, we can’t just do any old show for the grand finale. I’d like to say

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Join us at RIOTFEST, cityWILD Rendezvous

THE MONTH OF SKIZZUM Don’t miss two HUGE Bop Skizzum shows this month. We are stoked to be playing with some big names at some big events. Join us for what history will forever refer to as “the month of Skizzum!” Probably. Hear what SF1 Has to Say About cityWILD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th  cityWILD Fundraiser Rendezvous cityWILD is an organization fighting to bring education to youth of color in Denver everyday. Check out their website to see what they’re all about.   We are so excited to partner up with them for their annual Fundraiser Rendezvous! Join us and My Body Sings Electric as we help benefit youth all over Denver. $25 gets you in, as well as beer and food for no additional charge! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.   SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st THE EVENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR What do Blink 182, The Airborne Toxic Event, Awolnation, Iggy Pop, The Replacements’ reunion show, and Bop Skizzum all have in common? Why, they will all be in Colorado

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Big Thank You’s + Mountain Tour

Thanks for Rocking Denver! We were honored to share the stage with Bad Rabbits from Boston, MA last Monday night. Huge THANK YOU to the band, and everyone who attended the show! Special thanks to our friend Duatronic for rocking Denver and always being a friend. I daresay we showed Bad Rabbits that Denver knows how to rock a Monday night! Hope you come back soon, guys! #newmusicwednesday We have been selected to be featured on Hard Rock Cafe’s #newmusicwednesday today! Our music video -”Do Me Like That,”- was featured right on Hard Rock Cafe’s Main Page! Thank you so much to The Hard Rock for thinking of us. You all rock! Hard… It’s never too late to check out the music video! Watch it now!      Skizzum’s Summer Mountain Tour Bop Skizzum is stoked to go on a little tour through the mountains this week. Always love visiting some

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Video Release for “Do Me Like That”

“DO ME LIKE THAT” VIDEO PREMIERE PARTY Over the past several months we’ve been working on several music videos for songs off of our most recent album, “Coloradical.” We’re stoked to premiere the first of these videos, “Do Me Like That,” this Friday, July 12th at Stoney’s in Denver! Be the first to view this fantastic new music video before it even hits youtube, and rock out with Bop Skizzum before and after the premiere! The video features Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Rollergirls! The band had an incredible time working with all the league members on the shoot, with a special shout out to the one & only ‘Suri Brawl’ who made everything possible. The video also features the amazingly talented Ben Roy of the Grawlix comedy team & MMA Fighter Josh Cavan. The video was shot, directed, edited & produced by the unbelievably creative team at Perplexity Pictures. Want to see these amazingly talented people in a Bop Skizzum music video?

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Winners Announced: We Made Top 3!

So excited to say that we made TOP 3 in the Hard Rock Rising contest. That is out of 12,000 bands in the world! Many thanks to all the fans, friends and family who made that possible. First place was English band The Carnabys and fellow runner up was Sunwill from Russia. More details soon on what that means, but we are THRILLED!

Top Ten – Thank You!

Right before the Hard Rock Rising contest closed, we saw we were in 10th place. You all are the BEST! Thank you so much for your support! It’s up to the judges now and we find out the results on May 6th. Stay tuned!

Photos from Hard Rock Rising Contest!

We love playing at the Hard Rock Denver, it is such a great venue! Even better that we won the Hard Rock Rising contest for Denver last week! Voting will will run from April 22- May 11th. This is a huge chance for us! Check out these great pics taken by our manager Krista from the winning show.      

We can’t thank everyone who came out on Feb 22nd to get Nerdy with us for our Second annual Nerd Prom! We definately plan to do it again next year! We got a lot of great press, photos and even made a wrap up video of the night thanks to our buddy Matt Sewick. Check it out and relive the night!   Denver Post Article We were featured on the cover of the Denver Post entertianment section the day of the show! Big thanks to Laura Keeney for the great write up!   Westword Slideshow & Video Great Pics and video from the show! Big thanks to all our Tweeple! We had over 1.5 million twitter impressions for #nerdprom2013 that night! Way to tweet Nerds! HUGE THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Denver Comic Con Denver Westword Illegal Pete’s KTCL Channel 93.3 Twist & Shout Yelp  Nerd Prom Artwork by Riki

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Deep Eddy “Coloradical” Drink

Huge thanks to Deep Eddy Vodka for sponsoring our COLORADICAL CD RELEASE PARTY! But extra thanks for creating a cool special drink for the night called the “Coloradical!”

14 Days of Funk!

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FANS OF FUNK! We only have **14 days left*** for our Kickstarter campaign and we are 42% funded!!! THANK YOU so much to the 47 people who have joined us so far!!!! ***BUT WE NEED TO REALLY DO THIS THING!!!*** We will be turning the next two weeks into, wait for it… **THE 14 DAYS of FUNK.** Each day we will be featuring one of the awesome rewards that are part of the campaign. Seriously! They are AWE-SOME. Check it out!!!


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