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Video Release for “Do Me Like That”

“DO ME LIKE THAT” VIDEO PREMIERE PARTY Over the past several months we’ve been working on several music videos for songs off of our most recent album, “Coloradical.” We’re stoked to premiere the first of these videos, “Do Me Like That,” this Friday, July 12th at Stoney’s in Denver! Be the first to view this fantastic new music video before it even hits youtube, and rock out with Bop Skizzum before and after the premiere! The video features Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Rollergirls! The band had an incredible time working with all the league members on the shoot, with a special shout out to the one & only ‘Suri Brawl’ who made everything possible. The video also features the amazingly talented Ben Roy of the Grawlix comedy team & MMA Fighter Josh Cavan. The video was shot, directed, edited & produced by the unbelievably creative team at Perplexity Pictures. Want to see these amazingly talented people in a Bop Skizzum music video?

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We are RVRB’s ‘Steal This Track’!

Thanks to REVERB from the Denver Post for featuring us this week at their track to steal. “Do You Want It?” is available right now over there for FREE! We also love what they had to say… “With a sound as poppy as it is funky, with horn hits and tinkling pianos, the band fully utilizes all eight members. Bop Skizzum is set to release its first LP, “Coloradical,” an album funded by a Kickstarter campaign, on Saturday at Gothic Theatre. Steal “Do You Want It?” right now. You know you want it.”  

Embed Our Widgets!

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We have fun widgets out for the pre-release of our new album Coloradical! If you would like to embed them on your sites or blogs, we would really appreciate it. Definitely let us know where you have them posted so we can thank you!   EMBED THESE WIDGETS ON YOUR SITE! Includes song preview for “Do You Want It?” and link to pre-order the album.   PROMO POSTER FOR CD RELEASE PARTY


We have the name for our new album – Coloradical! This represents our love for the 303, color, music, having fun and being a band together. The album is full of all that. We are proud of how diverse Coloradical will be, emotionally and musically! Props to Greeblemonkey for the album cover design.

Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase

We we thrilled to perform again this year at the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (UMS). This festival shows off all our awesome Colorado talent, as well as brings in great bands from around the country. Here are four videos from our show with some new songs we have been playing out recently. Thanks to all who made it out! Do Me Like That Promise Land Do You Want It Let Me Clear My Throat (cover of the classically awesome DJ Kool song) Thanks to Aimee for the videos!

What A Wonderful World

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Julie was able to sing with her father in a low-key setting last weekend while she still recovers from her neck injury. Several band members were able to be there to cheer her on. We’re always amazed at how fantastic her voice sounds in every situation. Here she is singing “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

Leave It At The Door

Huge thanks to all the friends who joined Bop Skizzum on stage for Andy Rok’s birthday! Here is Jon Shockness from Air Dubai, SF1 and Mic Jones with the crew for “Leave It At The Door.” AWESOME!

Heavy Petting Album Cover

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Have you seen the kitties? We love the album cover that Greeblemonkey designed for us. Thanks to Momfluential for the photos!

We're so stoked! Live recording of our Muse cover, packaged with the new Heavy Petting single!

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So cool! We released our new single “Heavy Petting” on New Year’s Eve, and we really hope you like it! But also, we spent some time recording with in Coupe Studios (up in Boulder) via Radio 1190′s awesome live sessions! We played several songs while we were there, but LOVE how our cover of Muse’s “Time Is Running Out” sounds. So, we are packaging both songs together for you. CHECK IT OUT: Heavy Petting Muse Cover


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