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This Little Light of Mine

Posted in Blog, Causes, Studio by BopSkizzum

Did you see the video we did with Mercy Housing over the holidays? We were so proud to work on this project, and it was a blast as well! Share your light with Mercy Housing from Mercy Housing on Vimeo. A group of young Mercy Housing residents got the unique opportunity to spend the day in a professional recording studio with the popular Denver band Bop Skizzum. Together they created a wonderful cover of “This Little Light of Mine.” We hope it will fill your hearts with joy and that you will share your light with Mercy Housing! Learn more about Mercy Housing at or consider making a donation today (


We have the name for our new album – Coloradical! This represents our love for the 303, color, music, having fun and being a band together. The album is full of all that. We are proud of how diverse Coloradical will be, emotionally and musically! Props to Greeblemonkey for the album cover design.

Kickstarter Begins!

Posted in Blog, Fans, Studio by BopSkizzum

We are launching our Kickstarter campaign today! We are so excited to record or new album, and we need your help! Check out our Kickstarter page for all the info. THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!  


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