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  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW BY CLICKING THE BANNER ABOVE! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO WRAP UP FROM LAST YEAR!   BOP SKIZZUM’S LAST SHOW EVER!!!!! How do you say goodbye to the best fans that you could have ever hoped for? How do you say goodbye to your friends, people you’ve been making music with for years, in a way that honors all the time and energy they’ve given you? Well… You throw one last big fucking gigantic going away party. That’s how. … and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re gonna go out doing what we do best, bringing the party to music lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes. We’re going out with a bang, and we want EVERYONE to come out and have as much fun as possible. Of course, we can’t just do any old show for the grand finale. I’d like to say

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A Bop Skizzum Goodbye.

A BOP SKIZZUM GOODBYE. I’ve been doing this for a long time. For over ten years and counting, I’ve been a full time musician and I’ve played with a number of different bands. The one band that has always been “my band” through all those years, however, has been Bop Skizzum. That’s not to say Bop Skizzum has always been the same band. It hasn’t. We’ve gone through plenty of lineup changes and changed our style more than a handful of times. Truth be told, whenever I wanted to try something new it’s been really easy to avoid putting a label on it simply by tagging it, “Bop Skizzum.” Musicians out there will agree with me when I say that keeping a band together isn’t exactly easy. These years of my life have been spent learning every life lesson you can imagine. If you’ve never been in a band, you

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This Friday- Gothic Theater with Skyfox

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This Friday, The Gothic Theater and Channel 93.3 present SKYFOX’S ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Join us, Viretta, Starcar Sunday, Syke 96, and of course the amazing SKYFOX as they release their brand new album, Counter Counter Culture. Save $5 on your ticket price by buying a ticket from your friendly neighborhood Bop Skizzum member! We are selling presale tickets for $10 a piece until Thursday, so get them while you can! Just ask Andy, Julie, SF1, or any of the Skizzum members on facebook, or email us at contact@bopskizzum.com and we’ll hook you up! You can also buy tickets online here! A cheap, all-ages show with an amazing lineup at one of the best venues in Denver? Ah yes, your eyes don’t deceive you. You better be there! The party starts at 8, and we hit at 10!

Bop Skizzum 12 indie bands to watch in 2012!

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Excited to have made this list along with our a ton of other great colorado bands including the Heyday, Epilogues, Petals of Spain, Danielle ate the Sandwich and Nathaniel Ratliff. Check out the Article! http://theadventurous500.com/music/indie-bands

Vote for Bop in Gimme the Gig 2011!

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This is very exciting! Bop Skizzum has been cleared to compete in Ford’s Gimme the Gig II for 2011! We know there are lots of on-line competitions that we may ask you to vote in from time to time, but this trumps any and all unsigned bands competitions we’ve ever been apart of! In OTHER WORDS – WE REALLY NEED TO WIN THIS THING! It is a super legit competition, were the finalist get flown out to LA, and get to record a song with Grammy award winning producer Don Was! For those of you who Aren’t familiar with Don, he has produced everyone from Al Green, the Rolling Stones, Stone Temple pilots, Elton John, Stevie nicks to George Clinton, Brian Wilson, Jackson Browne! You name it he has worked with them! On top of that there are a ton of prizes, sponsorship packages and a huge amount of exposure.

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“Beauty Queen” Vinyl Available Now

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You’ve all been waiting and waiting patiently for the “Beauty Queen” to be in a format you could hold in your hot little hands, and now here it is, the “Beauty Queen” EP is now available on Vinyl!

ALL AGES SHOW w/Strings Like The Sun at the D Note!

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Calling all Funky boys and girls, this one’s for you! Bop Skizzum will be playing an all ages show on MARCH 11th at the D Note in Arvada!

Beauty Queen EP: Out Dec. 7th!

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It’s almost here! The moment you all have been waiting for, the new Beauty Queen EP will be realeased TOMORROW, December 7th! This CD is loaded with fresh new FUNK guaranteed to get you groovin’, so make sure to grab your copy off of iTunes and Bandcamp first thing tomorrow!

BAND BLOG: Lucia De Giovanni Photo Shoot

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Our great friend Lucia De Giovanni recently took us all out for a funky fresh photo shoot to go along with our new EP, The Beauty Queen, and we thought it’d be fun to share them with you! If you haven’t seen any of the awesome new full-band photos, check em out here and here.

Video Blog Update

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Andy Rok, Seraphin and Erin give you a video run down of Bop Skizzum band updates…


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